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CNPJ : 28.747.809/0001-09

A company that takes care of your finances
About Us

LB Partner took off in Brazil in 2016 as a financial consultancy service provider. With the idea to develop a shortcut service for clients who are, on a daily basis, struggling to cope with Brazilian financial regulations and demands, the company has been helping customers across Brazil to wisely manage their cross-border and investment operations. 

Partnering with banks in Brazil and abroad, the company offers a full suite of solutions, targeting efficiency and high-standard customer service. 


- Cross Border Solutions

- Investment

- Private Banking

- Financial Regulation

Where We Are

   Intertrading Investment Building

    Rua Mauá, 1100, sala 2, Alto da Glória 

    Curitiba PR Brazil 

    CEP 80030-200


✑  lucas@lbpartner.com

      +55 41 3017 1358

      +55 41 99177 6941