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CNPJ : 28.747.809/0001-09

💵   Currency Exchange

Working in partnership with the leading currency exchange financial institutions, we offer an outstanding service based in three principles: Trust, Efficiency and Competitive Rates. Our transparency gives us the ability to fulfil our clients expectations. We believe in a "no tricks" ethic, making sure that 'two plus two' always equals to four.

💰   Private Banking

We offer a specialised service for non-residential clients. Working with a Swiss financial partner, we're helping individuals and companies set up international bank accounts.

⚖️   Financial Regulation Consultancy

Dealing with the local regulations can be a headache for the majority of investors. Added to this, financial institutions do not always take time to carefully and efficiently analyse clients' needs .  This makes it even harder to provide fully legal instructions to the clients and speed up the processes.  That's when we get involved. Using a range of analytical and dynamic consultancy, we delve deep to analise the legal processes. 

📈   Investment

In general, individuals are persuing  more and more statistical analysis of their investments. Clients want to be sure they are investing in the right asset to obtain profits and increase yields. Working with our investment partners, we're looking out for your future, making sure your long-term finances are assured.